AI that answers your legal intake calls

Legal27 is your dedicated AI-powered receptionist, designed specifically for law firms. Our system handles your calls 24/7, boosting your firm's efficiency.

Our Technology

Cutting-edge AI for Law Firms.

Legal27 is not just an answering service - it's a technological revolution in legal communication. Our AI receptionist is trained with real intake calls, boasting an extensive knowledge of US law across multiple states.

It's proficient in various legal practices, including criminal defense, family law, immigration, and more. This unique blend of technology and legal expertise ensures that every call is handled with precision, understanding, and a touch of human-like interaction.

AI call answering for law firms

Revolutionize your intake.

Our AI-powered service is designed to manage your calls, take messages, and ensure seamless communication with your clients.

24/7 Availability.
Legal27 is always on duty, answering calls day and night, ensuring your clients are never left waiting.
Efficient call management.
Our AI receptionist handles all incoming calls, taking messages and ensuring every client is heard.
Focus on your practice
With Legal27 managing your calls, your team can concentrate on their core legal responsibilities, enhancing productivity.
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Works with practices and law firms of all sizes.

Legal27 is designed with solo practitioners and law firms in mind. No matter the goal of your intake efforts.

Save weeks of training and the problems with hiring a human intake specialist. Give all your law practice information to our AI technology, to create the perfect customer phone intake flow.

No need to change your phone number.

You don't have to give up on your phone number. Redirect your calls to Legal27 using your mobile, landline phone or a VoIP solution like Grasshopper.

Legal27 integrates with Skype Legal27 integrates with TextNow Legal27 integrates with Grasshopper Legal27 integrates with Aircall

The AI Legal call answering service that never sleeps.

From doing intake to resolving your customers' questions, our customizable AI adapts to your practice needs.